Mathematics is a subject with a wide applicability in almost every area of life so it is undeniably a part of our daily lives.

Fear of Mathematics is a global phenomenon. Research shows that more than 85% students have a phobia for Mathematics. This phenomenal for mathematics is growing day by day. The biggest challenge before us as a teacher of mathematics is as to how this “Mathematics – the trauma” can be converted into “Mathematics-the MAGIC”

So it is the need of the hour to make learning and understanding of mathematical concepts through activities and create interest for mathematics among the students thereby developing an aptitude for the subject.

Keeping this in view the C.B.S.E. has directed all schools affiliated to it to provide Mathematics Lab. In the same context we set a Math’s lab.

Primary school level is the right time to use their imagination to make the subject more enjoyable and interesting. To create interest right from primary stage teachers are taking pains in teaching basic concepts through activities.

Even at high school theoretical knowledge has to be given without any dilution and in correct form, after making the students first understand the subject through examples, experiments and building the theory through results. The students should unknowingly realize the theory at times.

Harder the nut, like Mathematics, the more is the sugar coating needed. It is well known fact that the person at the top in any field, is always in heavy demand. Hence teachers are taking pains to infuse the same sprit among students to scale such heights.

Mathematics at school level focuses on:

Clear concepts
Depth of knowledge
Application of acquired knowledge in solving problems.
Achieving the desired results through the application of the shortest means without ignoring the larger interest in mind.
All this put together would enable the students to realize that “wide vision and depth of knowledge should go hand in hand” .

This realization has helped SICA students to excel in academics and competitions.

The performance of the students in the prestigious Maths Olympiad exams and scoring speak for the meritorious performance of SICA.