Motivation is a temporal and dynamic state that drives us to act toward some goal.

My dear SICA Alumni,

I wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year. May your aspiring, dreams come true.

“Go for the gold, the Nobel, The Oscar
The highest you can possibly achieve in your field
For the force is with you”

I am sure you all are well established with the capacity and power to shoulder responsibilities in your lives. Being successful today requires highly motivated, clearly focused quality people in every position at every job, working together for maximum results.

We all need some form of motivation to get to do anything for our Alma Mater. In the year 2008 you all must come together to School for the Alumni Meet, so that we all can share our experiences with you and cherish all good, smooth and long lasting memories. Children, I miss you all very much. Your messages from Indore, India & Abroad overwhelms me and shows your love and reverence for your Alma Mater. It is highly commendable on your part that in this hurly burly world of ours you still say thanks, acknowledge recognition and feel proud to be a part and parcel of the SICA Family.

True giving expects no thanks in return, your presence amidst us during this year is the most awaited and I want every Alumna to treat this as a personal invitation to visit the SICA family and this will drive us to act towards some concrete goal for our Alma Mater.

Convey my love and regards to each and every member of your family. It would be a great pleasure to have you all for sharing your nostalgic experiences.

Dr. Madhukar Pawar

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