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       Each one of us on this planet creates a page in human history irrespective of who he or she is. Every mind is creative, every child is inquisitive. The prime learning period for children is 5 to 17 years of age and approximately 2500 hours are spent in the school campus during these years. Hence the school hours are most productive time for learning in the best environment. School campus should open and transparent society. The amount of information we have around us is overwhelming. Students must learn how to manage knowledge collectively.
Children and youth are the picture of a nation's future. They are our hope for tomorrow. Education and values imparted in childhood are more important than the education received in college and university.

We are fully aware of the fact that children today look for good things of life. This is one of the reasons for children wanting to go abroad, where quality of life is measured in material terms, appear good. Such a life is possible in India itself if we have pride and faith in ourselves supported by the development of Science and technology. Today's young students want the education system to feed and challenge their innovative and creative minds. They are the creators of tomorrow and they want to think it today. The school should be able to satisfy their insatiable hunger for knowledge. The Human mind is unique gift. Creativity is a process to work hard and continuously improve ideas and solutions.

The Children's mind is at its purest form and has no divisive tendencies. Computers are indeed challenging but fortunately creativity and imagination components of the human mind are always superior Science is all about asking questions and finding the right answers through hard work and research into laws of nature.

To quote Honourable Dr. A.P.J.A.Kalam ," If India is to become developed by 2020, it will do so only by riding on the shoulders of the young".

A combination of knowledge enthusiasm and hard work of the youth is a great dynamic force for transforming the nation. Each is the most important element for growth and prosperity of a nation.

Children look for challenging missions, good role models and teachers who can be their guiding spirit. If you have faith in your future, you will have power in your present. Beware of the distraction that might tempt them to go astray. Children are makers, the leaders and the guides of the India of tomorrow. Their shoulders have to be stronger than those of the present generation of leaders for as the years roll by, the burden is becoming heavier. Their hearts must become more expansive, their intelligence sharper and clearer as they have great things to do for themselves and for humanity. Duty, Devotion, Discipline and Four F's have to be focused:

1) Follow the master
2) Face challenges
3) Fight to the end
4) Finished at the goal

Today’s students are the teachers of tomorrow and are going to shape the destiny of this land through their percepts and instances.

Wisdom flashes like lightning amidst the clouds of the inner sky, one has to foster the flash and present a true sign of educated person. Students, be a witness of what is happening outside the classroom, do not get distracted. Become strong physically, mentally and spiritually.

Dr. Madhukar Pawar
SICA Sr. Sec. School
Scheme No – 54

(Published on 08-Sep-11)
( Aegis: SICA Educational Trust ) Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi, No 1030343