Library is not restricted to books but its now-a-days called an Information Centre where a Librarian’s work is to dissimilate knowledge.
“Books are the keys to the door of light and wisdom. Use it” !

SICA School Library started with only 200 books, which included some donated books and set of science encyclopedia. Slowly it developed and at present we have two libraries one at Primary section and other at Senior Secondary Section, and two librarians and one library assistant to manage the libraries.

At present, the school library has nearly about 20,000 books covering A-Z subjects with selected books to prepare students for Academic competitions like Quiz, Music, Drawing, Essay writing and Debate etc. and also for competitive exams like Olympiad, NTSE, MBD, AIEEE, PET, PMT, IIT etc. Students are provided with daily english and hindi newspapers as well as periodicals to up-date their knowledge.