From the desk of Managing Trustee,
A child’s smile, joy and friendliness are unmatched. However, when we observe the face of the same child by the time he or she passes out of school – does the child still retain the same joy, that same innocence, that same beauty…. endowed as an infant?
Is there a way to retain the innocence of the children once they grow older? If we can, then its our sweet fruit that we would have reaped and we would have attained something really marvelous, because innocence is beautiful.

Our distinctive mission at SICA is to nurture and to develop the young minds to convert global challenges into opportunities through value based quality education and take a great leap forward in the society that put us to ‘serve the times and nation’s needs’.

At present, Electronic Gadgets and Devices prove

to the child was very traditional. It focused on feeding the memory. The more the memory was loaded, the less was the possibility of clarity and intelligence. But right at this hour, the children are away from the school and now their minds are too cluttered with unnecessary information. Its peak time for the school, the mentors and the educationist to have rational thinking to bring back the joyous life of the childhood in the school to return.

This pandemic spread across the globe has centralized our education system exclusively through electronic gadgets and virtual platform. It has had given a positive impact on the young minds because what is seen graphically is more easily remembered than what is read or heard. Eyes are more powerful instruments than ears or anything else and it takes away the boredom of reading and learning.

We, at SICA include innovative strategies that empower teachers to improve students’ outcomes and nurture their growth. Education system, at SICA not only intellectually stimulate children but also exuberate energy in them through physical activities such as sports, yoga, meditation and so on which help the children to manage their emotions.

We teach our students the positive grandeur of our inheritance, with footnotes about the people who were of historical importance. Through this insight, we are sure to rebuild, rejuvenate and revitalize the gestation period which the society is undergoing right now.

We are looking forward to the new rising sun, fresh cool morning, with crackling laughter and joy of the students wiping out the silence soon into a vibrant and joyful environment.

Thus, We, at SICA make our Gen-Next cognizant of the fact that a dark side existed and dominated the past, will not have any place on the future so as to maintain the innocence of the child and to encourage the budding talents.

I congratulate and appreciate our teachers for their commendable work at the dire need of the hour. I thank the parents to keep their faith on SICA and for extending their continuous support. My best and warm wishes to our students for their bright future ahead and to reach the zenith of success in their lives.

Dr.(Ms) Vijayalakshmi Iyengar.
Managing Trustee.